Binod World Order

A new revolution is on the horizon, and it all starts with 9999 ducks

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Last updated: 02 September 2021 03:30 PM

Created project

The problem Binod World Order solves

Leveraging code to programmatically create 9999 generative NFT art pieces of ducks, we have created the perfect hook of entry for a decentralized, digital nation.
A decentralized digital nation-

  1. Makes corruption non-existent
  2. Makes taxation voluntary and transparent
  3. Allows decentralized participation in open politics
  4. Allows new forms of governance to emerge
  5. Allows us to experiment with different systems of governance, experiements which are impossible to run in the phyical world
  6. Allows citizens to verifiably prove their citizenship using our NFTs

Challenges we ran into

The quickly changing ecosystem made things difficult initially. Had to stop updating the solana cli and work on a older, stable version to fix it.
The lack of tutorials also made things difficult, but persistence, countless sleepless nights and a driving desire to finish what we started helped. The community of developers also helped us get over some major roadblocks early on.