For Smartphone users who want to track their hard earned money, Billeasy is an automated PFM that provides actionable insights into financial habits while delivering contextual brand loyalty

The problem Billeasy solves

There exists a gap due to the lack of quality banking tech products. Users need a few problems solved when it comes to their personal finances, namely:

  • Consolidation of all bank accounts for a holistic financial summary
  • Being able to keep track of daily expenses and spending behaviour
  • Lack of affordable and quality financial education
  • Easy to use and intuitive banking tech product

We have tried to solve these problems through the following set off features:

  • A consolidated view of all connected accounts/transactions
  • Assitance towards money management through
    • Analytics and insights based on spending behaviour
    • Goal based automated saving
  • Consolidated brand loyalty programs that helps brand deliver contextual offers/services to users

Challenges we ran into

  • Structuring the data received in order to create any value for users
  • Receiving Real-Time transaction data.