BigBullGamers is a platform for next generation Gamers and Games where players and builders can 1)Gamevertise 2) Connect at Metaverse 3) Zero collatral renting assets 4) Game streaming for NFT holders

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Last updated: 03 April 2022 07:47 PM

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The problem BigBullGamers solves

Why BigullGamers?

Here is the problem we are focusing on:
** 1. Big Barrier to Entry ** In Blockchain Gaming, not being able to afford NFTs is becoming a “Big Barrier to Entry" for many players.

** 2. Difficult to generate ROI for Virtual lands and Gaming assets **

** 3. Place where Gaming ecosystem can unite ** There are many games, generalized jobs platforms, and different gaming communities but no platform where Game Players, Builders, Animation artists, Metaverse Virtual estate agents can interact and network with like minded individuals.

** 4. Value generation for Gamers for their Gameplay Stremaing **

Here comes:


BigBullGamers. is a platform for next generation Gamers and Games where players, builders, animators, and investors can connect with each other, stream game play for NFT holders, generate passive income by renting their in game assets, or by allowing Gamevertisement (Game Advertisement)

How it works:

** Connect @ Metaverse** : At BigBullGamers, users will be able to visit virtual contests and can have text and audio chat with virtual visitors of the metaverse across the globe.

NFT Asset Rental : A zero collateral rental platform to lend and Borrow Game NFT Assets. Another option is collateral lending but because of huge price and volatility, Collateralized lending is not a practical way rent NFTs. Eg: Not every individual can collateralize 150eth to use

** Gamervertisement** : Gamvertisement is -> Advertisement in Gaming. Here NFT owners can generate passive income by allowing billboards like in game ads in blockchain games.

** Gameplay Streaming ** Gamers can create utility based NFT which will allow viewers to participate in Game plays or watch the streaming by their favorite gamers which will help both Gamers and Viewers to have more personalize and value added experiance.

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes when we used to get stuck for any of web3 errors, not all answers were easily available on forums like Stackoverflow and there is two sides of it: 1) Sometime it made me feel really we will be able to do it? 2) Lets consider it as a puzzel and challange which we need to solve and step by step learned to fix common bugs, reached out to Discord community for help for project specific error and finally here we are submitting this project today.

** Here is the quick feedback about developing and learning fast with Hackathons** :

  1. We used t owatch video turotrials and try small small tasks but instead that building product in Hackathon is faster and gamified like experince which we loved it.

  2. Even though Hackathons were virtual, such organized Metaverse session in gather, office hours and workshops never made us miss IRL Hackathons. Yes IRL events has also its own benifits but virtual building experience was also too good.

  3. Next help most of us is going to need is figure out Go to market strategy and Community building.