No-code NFT Loyalty Program for real-world brands and customers

The problem BeyondClub solves

For real-world brands, it becomes more expensive than ever to acquire customers. In that circumstance, loyalty is a key to maximizing life-time value, so the loyalty program market is growing. ($24B USD by 2029)

But the current loyalty program is usually not attractive enough to keep customers for the long term, only rewarding customers when they purchase the product, and their offers are mostly about discounts.

That’s where BeyondClub comes in!

BeyondClub is a No-code NFT Loyalty Program for real-world brands and customers. We believe the partnership between Polygon and Starbucks is a great real-life use case, so we would like to democratize it for all brands!

Brands can create a loyalty program with NFT without any technical and blockchain knowledge. They can easily set quests, how customers can get digital collectibles as NFT, and what kind of exclusive experience they can access by holding it.

Also, all web3-related things like wallet or gas are abstracted. We use social login, gasless transaction, and fiat on/off ramp with Biconomy, so we can easily onboard non-crypto users.
They don’t have to know about blockchain or NFT, but they can enjoy the benefit of NFT or blockchain.

So, how a loyalty program can be better with NFT compared to existing ones?

  1. Digital Scarcity: Each NFT is unique and it can be limited or exclusive, so it will cause FOMO and increase engagement.
  2. Tradable: It’s easy to share or buy/sell NFT-based rewards, so it will create a new ecosystem inside the customer community and the loyalty program can become a multi-player game.
  3. Gamified: We can implement a quest system or randomness like loot box to increase the stickiness of the program.
  4. Programmable: It’s easy to implement additional utilities, royalties, revenue share, etc...

We believe it will expand the real-life use cases of NFT / blockchain and contribute to the mass adoption of crypto.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time to integrate Biconomy SDK, especially for gasless transaction, but thanks to Biconomy team, we could successfully implement it.