Beyond Resume!

Beyond Resume!

Anonymous, Provable, Realtime resume for building better communities.

The problem Beyond Resume! solves

Current ways of using resumes are flawed in many ways:

  1. Due to the lack of anonymity, unconscious bias may creep in the early stages.
  2. Cases of fraud (incorrect information) lead to waste of time.
  3. Contents of the resume are often not easily verifiable.

With Beyond Resume, you can ensure anonymity in ther early parts of interview process. Also you can have verifyable and non verifyable parts in a resume. Since Poap like websites can periodically be synced, we can ensure that the resume stays up to date with verifyable data.

Challenges I ran into

I had some initial issues with setting up the project since the documentation did not specify the right software versions. But with the help of the Unirep team, it was resolved. There was also some issue that i found with Epoch in front end not synced with the contract (i think).

Technologies used