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Why: The current education system often struggles to adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape, restricts global accessibility and affordability, and lacks flexibility to cater to individual learning styles and interests. Furthermore, there are concerns about the transparency and verifiability of certifications, and limited incentives for self-guided learning and peer collaboration.

What: A decentralized edtech platform that enables peer-to-peer learning and provides on-chain certification. This platform will personalize education for every user, using AI to generate custom learning paths tailored to their unique aptitudes, goals, and progress. By providing transparent, verifiable, and universally accepted certifications, we aim to enhance trust in online qualifications. We also plan to foster a collaborative learning environment and incentivize active participation through tokenization.

How: Decentralizing education and on-chain certifications. AI technology will be used to adapt learning paths to individual users, generate content, and facilitate peer-to-peer interactions. To motivate users and reward progress, we will implement a native token system. We will also pursue partnerships with established educational institutions and businesses to increase the platform's credibility and the real-world applicability of the courses.