BeeTogether is the all-in-one platform for work collectives. The future of work is working together!

The problem BeeTogether solves

Freelancing and gig work is taking the world by storm! Freelancing doesn’t mean working alone - that’s why work networks like freelance collectives and service DAOs have been growing in popularity. When workers come together, they can take on bigger clients, complete their skillset, pool expenses, and find work more easily! If only there was an easy way to create, grow, and manage this new kind of organization…

Meet BeeTogether! BeeTogether solves the biggest issues facing organizing a work network:

  • Job sourcing: Finding gigs for the network to do. BeeTogether helps by sourcing jobs from TalentLayer’s protocol for interoperable job platforms.
  • Governance: Managing decisions around what jobs to take, how to spend group funds, etc. BeeTogether helps by letting workers vote on what proposals to submit and manage a shared treasury.
  • Payment management: Distributing payment to contributors fairly and securely. BeeTogether helps through an automated payment splitter that automatically pays out contributors based on work done after a job has been completed.

BeeTogether will fuel the independent work revolution by making it easier than ever to work better, together!

But what about the UX? We belive you can't grow decentralized economies without making them ACCESSIBLE! That's why we made our application mobile first, and implemented gasless transactions with zkSync to have the best experience for our users.

When an user creates a group (called "Hive" in BeeTogether) they a HivePaymaster contract gets deployed. When the group takes on a proposal and receives the funds after completing the job, the funds are splitted among the members. A percentage is kept as organization treasury, and another percentage is send to the Paymaster for covering gas fees for future transactions. The Paymaster only allows the members of the group to have transactions covered.

Now, anyone who wants to make a work collective can.

Challenges we ran into

So far things have been going pretty well. We’ve been having some small issues deploying our contracts to zkSync Era and testing it locally. The docs were missing a section on how to deploy upgradeable contracts with the UUPS standard, but the team showed us that the documentation is actually existing, but not merged yet.
We had some issues with zkSync for gasless transactions on mobile. Seems that the default way to have gasless transactions requires a feature (window.ethereum) that doesn't work on mobile. We haven't found a solution yet.

We also had some issues deploying some subgraphs. Sometimes it was not clear to us whether a network was supported by the Hosted Service or Studio, and we found a spelling error on the docs (a network name was not capitalized so we had issues deploying). We luckily managed to solve this with the support of the team.