Enabling cross-chain recurring payments on-chain

The problem Autopay solves

We enable organizations to create automated recurring payments across chains (Polygon, Ethereum, and Optimism are supported currently)

  • Investment dApps can leverage it to take SIPs from their users
  • SaaS can leverage it to take crypto payments on their subscriptions
  • Merchants can leverage it to take recurring fees from their customers in crypto
  • DAOs or creators can leverage it to take recurring membership fees from their community members

Organizations can log in, connect their wallet, and create payment cycles as per their requirement.

A payment cycle is created by defining the amount deposited every cycle and the time period of a given cycle.

For example,
if the org is Netflix and their payment cycle is 10$/month
The amount deposited every cycle would be 10 - USDC/USDT/Dai/BUSD on Polygon/Ethereum/Optimism (based on subscriber's selection)
The time period of deposit for a cycle would be every 2628000 seconds

Challenges we ran into

  1. The biggest hurdle we faced was that our current system is built on AWS backend which has many single points of failure. We could figure out a way to do it in a decentralised manner but in the constraint of time couldn't implement a solution using Graph protocol and Gelato network for moving the DynamoDB and AWS lambda function dependencies.
  2. The second hurdle we faced was estimating gas costs on the pull transactions on each chain. After some PnCs of scenarios, we came to the conclusion that for an amount less than 100$/cycle we would only allow deposits from the user on Polygon and Optimism.
  3. We like the approach Superfluid has to streaming money, for certain organizations that would be the relevant mode of recurring payments for use cases such as salaries, etc. Hence we incorporated the Superfluid SDK as well for the organization dashboard but couldn't commit it entirely in the given time frame.