Mr Dolphin's Attestations Bazaar

Mr Dolphin's Attestations Bazaar

A permissionless bazaar for attestations, powered by a reputation graph, especially useful for emergent / jurisdiction-independent / DIY / bootstrapped Real World Asset tokenization.

Built at ETHDenver 2024
Top 3 Prizes

The problem Mr Dolphin's Attestations Bazaar solves

Tokenization of Real World Assets is currently a 0/1 game: an Asset is either tokenized or not tokenized. It is also centralized (even when the end product is onchain!), slow, expensive and vendor-locked.

There is a better way. We have built an alternative process that is permissionless each step of the way and allows unprecedented granularity and flexibility. Anyone can start from zero, claim that an NFT represents a RWA, and then slowly (or rapidly) convince others of it by attaching Attestations to the NFT. The trustworthiness of the attestations is calculated by a sophisticated real-time Social Graph using Pagerank and user-specific Priors. The marketplace for Attestations that we've built allows competitive forces to lower the prices of Attestations, and thus allow even people who are poor to gradually tokenize an asset as their means allow. Even better, the whole process being permissionless, you can donate to a stranger in need by paying for an attestation they requested.

Challenges we ran into

Building a reputation graph using Pagerank proved challenging. Using Attesatations as the backbone of the system proved both powerful and challenging, as we had to rewrite all the schemas from scratch multiple times to get the semantics right.

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