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The problem AtReco solves

Recruitment is hard. The current hiring procedures are extremely luck based, wherein a candidate needs to perform well on the day of their examination/interview to receive a favourable outcome. In my opinion, hiring committees should strongly weigh in on the recommendations/referrals that a candidate carries with him. However, this process is usually very tedious and comes with a large host of problems.

  1. Forgetfulness - Referrals are usually provided on a need-basis. This means that the referrer handing the recommendation should always need to have context of the work of the referee. This might not always be the case, because even if the person’s work was impactful, with time the impact factor is lost and the recommendations do not seem as glowing anymore. It is difficult for people to recapitulate experiences which are way too much in the past. There is a need for an immutable record of work/praise.
  2. Inconvenience - Referrals are extremely unrewarding for the referrer, they are usually done as a favour. In worse cases, recommendations are obtained by handing out gifts, which is an extremely dishonest way of procuring a referral. This is a major contradiction, as we want to incentivise referrals but providing monetary benefits feels very unethical. There is a need to incentivise the process without compromising on ethics.
  3. Time consuming - While the referral writing process is time consuming in itself, it is also a major pain point that a lot of time is wasted in offline conversations and otherwise unavoidable submission delays. Recommendations should be as readily available as possible.

The solution is putting all your recommendations on the blockchain. That way, the people vetting your recommendations can trust the vouches that you get.

The idea is to get an armada of people vouching for you, who always have your back when you're applying for universities or jobs.

Technologies used