The first DEX doing cross-chain atomic swaps with ZK for liquidity providing, increasing security in bridging between Aleo & XDC (EVM compatible chains).

Built at ETHBarcelona
Best Project in the Privacy ZK Track

The problem AtomiK solves

Our DEX has two features around atomic swap concept:

1) Cross-chain atomic swaps (Aleo to XDC - EVM Blockchain).

Objective: secure bridging between two blockchains by using ZK technology.

2) Cross-chain atomic liquidity providing

Objective: deposit large liquidity from a different blockchain into a pool by using ZK technology.

Problems solved:

  • Remedy the lack of liquidity and improve the launch of protocols
  • Reduce the risk of slippage
  • Create secure transactions cross chain by using ZK technology

Challenges we ran into

  • Aleo Tech : complicated to implement signature verification
  • Lack of time to deploy the complete DEX (deployment & linking to the front-end)

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