An Advanced on-chain CREDIT SCORE system for the multi-chain ecosystem

The problem ArCred solves

With the boom of Defi, The ecosystem lacks a proper on-chain creditworthiness system, So we took upon us the challenge to build a unparalleled cross-chain enabled credit bureau with the efficieny of WASM contracts enabling complex computation required to obtain the credit score.

Challenges we ran into

  • Building smart contract using Arbitrum's stylus rust-sdk. The compiler was not recognising the solidity structs and there was hardly any resources relevant to our issue. We ended up breaking the struct into individual mapping to get the code working.

  • The early stage of the type-safe development ecosystem poses a challenge in seamlessly integrating smart contracts with frontend applications such as React.

  • Testing CCIP took long time

  • Lot of restrictions on Faucet usage. Hampering the development experience