Apartment 4a

An on the go app built for KTU students to catch up with their peers, and reduce the skills gap, on all things career and academic through curated resources and roadmaps.

The problem Apartment 4a solves

In this world of information overload, it is extremely hard to have a clear idea of the what and how to in the case of career decisions. And it is harder for KTU students to gather all the resources they might need while studying so close to exams: for example, the short notes, the video playlists and the lecture sprints.

KTU students only have 4 years to make memories, study academics and explore career options.

In a survey we did of 129 people from our college, 76.8% of them did not have a clear answer to the question of if they were really sure of their passions.

Furthermore, asked from a Career point of view, 36.4% of them (47 people) did not have any idea on where their interests lied at all.

Hence, our main aim here is to demistify the passions of the users.

Most of us, we don't really know the options open to us, from a non-tech and tech perspective. For example, if you are someone who likes content writing, there is a whole new upcoming field called content designing (which is a further classification of UX) which top companies are massively hiring for.

We plan to make a career analysis quiz to help you figure out where your interests lie, have a career roadmap for all disciplines to help streamline your journey into the field you might like, a career fit section to figure out if you'll like it, a career scope section for the scope of the industry locally and internationally, along with a community section to connect with awesome mentors throughout the state by redirecting to the best communities for each discipline.

We also plan to have quick summaries of all the top selling books from each career space, and also work with psychologists and prepare a much better career test.

Something else we offer is also a curated list of study materials inclusive of but not limited to short notes, long notes, video lectures and powerpoint presentations from the KTU community and interconnecting each youtube teacher with the KTU students, for last minute studies

Challenges we ran into

We ran into trouble while curating the resources because as you all know, we live in a world of information overload.Curating the career pathway felt extremely hard because we were still people who were learning all of it. But we were able to make a proper career path with the help of an online mentor named Liz Oh, who works at Grammarly as part of its Design Team in the U.S. Creating a proper UI/UX that we felt accurately represented the nature of the project proved hard as well, because we wanted it to feel playful and remind you of college at the same time. We eventually focused in on a way of making the UI look like it was scribbled on paper, but the challenge we ran into was replicating the feel in Flutter.

But when all of this was done, we didn't get sufficient time to work on the back end and build the entire app from top to bottom. Hence instead of using Firebase as predetermined, we had to settle with redirecting the user to a Notion Page filled with our curated content.

Another part that was very challenging was the community choosing, and the resource choosing and making sense of it all. Because as we know, there are thousands of unpaid and paid courses out there which are both very helpful and not helpful at all. Our content curator had to go through hundreds of links, and make sense of what was what before making the content and placing the links. He scoured through hundreds of blogs, YouTube bloggers, courses and books.

Technologies used