Socializing Finance to simply trading

The problem AlkyneFi solves

What really is the problem ? 🤔

  • Lack of trading knowledge/experience for relatively new web3 enthusiasts. 😥
  • Information asymmetry between experienced players of the game and newcomers 🕵️
  • Lack of time to strategize professional web3 investment strategies after research and analysis of the market status 🥲
  • A lack of communication channels between the experienced and newcomers 🤌✍️👂

Problem Space Exploration and Solution Motivations

  • What do you think was, hands down, one of the most successful models to bridge the gap between someone experienced in some field and a masses wanting to be in the same. Yes, The Creator Economy! 🥂
  • Each “Creator” creates precisely what is demanded and henceforth heavily consumed and appreciated by their respective audience, be it academics, entertainment, sports or news thus successfully bridging the gap. 🤝
  • In out given case, the “content” is in the context of effective investment strategies, and “consumers” are relatively web3 inexperienced players who would be willing to pay to get access to the strategies in view of larger future profits 📈

Solution Statement - AlkyneFi

  • AlkyneFi is the first ever Dapp to simply DeFi using the power of Creator economy. 😤
  • We consist of two major stakeholders, “Managers” and “Investors”. 🤑
  • Investor can compare among different Managers from their public profiles containing their transaction records which can be used to gauge how well someone’s investment strategies have been. 🤔
  • Investors can further choose to pay a small subscription fee to the chosen Manager to unlock the access to see and replicate their entire investment details using an automated smart contract. ☕️👌

Challenges we ran into

  • ENS → We faced deployment issues

  • Lens Protocol → We faced customization issues due to restrictive whitelisting, and to solve the same, we redeployed lens contracts.

  • Uniswap → We were not able to swap against native tokens, and to work out way around it, we used Wrapped MATIC.

Tracks Applied (4)

General Storage Track

Protocol Labs





Lens Protocol