All in one marketplace for NFTs. Buy, Sell, Create and Swap NFTs on the Matic Network with MANA Tokens.

The problem AiOMN solves

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are quite popular use case of blockchain in game development. NFTs represent unique tokens on a blockchain network which can be traded by the users. NFTs application spread over from games to digital assets like movie tickets and many more.
In this hackathon, we aim to make an All in One Marketplace for NFTs and hence the name AiOMN. Our product will serve some of the essential features that an NFT marketplace should have viz. User can buy NFT Tokens, Sell their NFT token, Swap their NFTs with other available in the marketplace. Along with this users can also publish their NFTs on our Marketplace. We'll be using Matic network for our product which will ensure faster transactions in comparison with Ethereum's Mainnet.

Challenges we ran into

  1. We find it quite difficult integrating smart contract with React.js (frontend).
  2. Also integrating wallets other than Metamask is still a hurdle.
  3. Swapping of tokens is not working