AccidentNOT can prevent accidents happening on highways and expressways by alerting the driver as well as enhancing the outside sounds that are blocked by the car vibrations and intentional music.

The problem AccidentNOT solves

AccidentNOT is an hughway/expressway accident avoiding system and can be installed in any vehicle,whenever any second vehicle honks the kit will identify the sound and will alert the driver to not to cut lanes and rather drive slow,it will also reduce the sound the ongoing music in the car sterio and thus can be usefull in reducing many brain fades,the cost of the kit is very low as the mordern day cars already have motion sensors,thus a small change in codes can be made to make those sensors compatible with an arduino and some times a node-mcu thus making it cheaper than a pizza.

Challenges we ran into

Availability of sensors in such a short period was a big problem but we had some alteratives that were'nt 100% accurate but were fine for a change,NodeMCU main ic burnt due to excess supply so we gave an overhead connection to the board.