Keeping NFT-Asset Integrity

The problem AccetProtocol solves

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  • Even if the NFTs are Non-fungible, their underlying actual digital asset is not.
  • NFT smart contracts (like receipts) are verifiable but the asset (like a painting) is not.
  • A fake NFT smart contract can point to original assets (like ipfs URI) and there is this many-to-one relationship between NFT contracts to media.
  • Tons of NFT collection ripoffs being sold.
  • No clear seperation of power of control between artists and contract developers/deployers.
  • Manual and inefficient takedowns of duplicate NFTs.
  • This protocol will prevent NFT counterfeiting and will uphold the assets/media integrity and give clear powers and access control to the creators and ensure the customers that their NFT (as well as the artwork ) is legitimate and non counterfeitable.

This can become a basis of a seperate NFT markeplace and/or an integration to current marketplaces.*

Technologies used