Our project consists on a smart contract and a UI that simplify and makes it user friendly to create DAOs on Aragon with Augmented Bonding Curves.

The problem ABCDeployer solves

An Augmented Bonding Curve is a tokenomic mechanism that stabilizes the price of a token, lowering its volatility in low liquidity markets.

It has been very difficult to customize DAOs to include a bonding curve, as there has not been a UI to create them easily.

During this hackathon, we recovered some barely known contracts deployed on Gnosis Chain that are powering the TECommons DAO bonding curve. We rewrote some parts to make them compatible with newer versions of solidity and the foundry framework, and created a new DAO architecture from scratch that can help new DAOs to bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

We recovered some old technologies that are not entirely compatible with modern environments. We had to rewrite some solidity code to be compatible with a newer version of solidity, and we couldn’t reuse any code from the Aragon UI, since it has old JavaScript React components that can’t be exported easily.

We have been able to present a functional UI that deploys a custom DAO with an Augmented Bonding Curve. This is going to be helpful for communities who want to follow the steps of the Token Engineering Commons DAO and stabilize their token volatility with a reserve in stable coins.

Cheer Project

Cheering for a project means supporting a project you like with as little as 0.0025 ETH. Right now, you can Cheer using ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism and Base.