हाँ से AA तक (Haan Se AA Tak)

The problem AA-To-All solves

  1. With open banking, we are reaching to millions of people who have technology at their fingertips. But, 90% of India’s population is digitally illiterate. So, we want to address the problem of onboarding of such people and assist them to open banking without any need of smart phones or digital literacy

  2. With the help of RBI scheme of providing bank correpondence, we can provide an assisted onboarding for farmers, vegetable sellers, etc.

  3. We will provide bank correspondence via web application, managed by a bank staff, who can onboard the user using their details like ARN and phone number for 2FA, in their respective regional language. This process ensures the AA registration ownership in the hands of the user by an IVR call, where he/she gives consent to fetch the data for registration.

  4. This app will help AA to reach a broader and more diverse set of users, who otherwise have to face a cumbersome process and paper work to get basic finance services like loans, insurance, transactions, etc.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Limitation of exposed API from the API provider - registraion API for AA.
    We overcame it using web scrapping of Finvu app.

  2. Limitation of lising of pending consents API

  3. Availability of free IVR API in regional language