Verifiable Aadhaar on-chain.

The problem Aadhaar.eth solves

Identity has been a major problem in the Blockchain systems, and so for a mass adoption a new easier Identity verfication process has to be created with privacy in mind. So we created a platform where we can verify user's Aadhaar ID & give them claims using PolygonID all in a privacy preserving manner.

Along the way we realised so much potential with this Aadhaar verification that now anyone can send someone crypto using that person's Phone Number (on-chain, no Phone No info is being revealed in this process) or add 2FA to the wallet for safety.

Challenges we ran into

The most toughest part of this process was about hashing & storing our data in a trustless manner, while some due to the time limit & limitations with PolygonId we still havn't got this fully. But we are on our way :)