AA Snap

AA Snap

AA Snap is the easiest tool to integrate and use Account Abstraction.

The problem AA Snap solves


AA Snap is the easiest tool to integrate and use Account Abstraction.


Account Abstraction (AA) has long been a dream of Ethereum, but currently, like ZKP, it can only be handled by experts due to its difficulty and complexity.

From users' point of view, to use AA, they cannot use their usual wallets, such as MetaMask and need to install another wallet that supports Account Abstraction, which is a bad UX. Essentially, users should be able to make all kinds of transactions with their current wallets without being aware of EOA or AA.

From developers' perspectives, to create transactions that support Account Abstraction, it is necessary to write front-end code that supports Account Abstraction, which requires in-depth knowledge of Account Abstraction and a massive amount of code. However, it should be as easy to write code for Account Abstraction as it is to write a few lines of code for signing in MetaMask.


AA Snap makes it easy to integrate and use Account Abstraction and democratizes Account Abstraction for all the developers and users in the crypto world.

Users can send transactions from EOA and transactions from AA Contract using MetaMask, which they are accustomed to using, without taking care of EOA or AA.

Developers only need to write a few lines of code calling the AA Snap's code that execute AA-compliant programs without the need to write a bunch of code for it.

AA Snap unlocks the future of Wallets, and Account Abstraction by enabling Account Abstraction of your daily wallets, which derives the seamless and better UX of wallets.##

Challenges we ran into

We had three challenges while building this product in the hackathon.

First, EIP-4337 is currently in a draft state, so we needed help to catch up with the transaction specification. However, thanks to powerful support from people in a Discord channel, we overcame it by finding a lot of valuable documents.

Second, this is our first time using MetaMask Snap, so we had a hard time overcoming its limitation of it. There was not enough document because it's still early phase, but we solved issues by processing some code on a server side.

Third, we were struggling with the submission deadline. There was a lot to implement, but we did not have enough time to implement everything. We needed to find the core of our product and focus on it.

We had a great experience through this time-limited hackathon and learned a lot.

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