Recapitulating WAGMI JobDrops: Connecting Talent & Employers 🤝

The first edition of the WAGMI JobDrops, powered by Polygon DAO connected blockchain developers to companies building on Polygon.

Recapitulating WAGMI JobDrops: Connecting Talent & Employers 🤝
WAGMI JobDrops. Connecting Talent and Employers

The drive for everything we do stems from our love for builders and our passion for championing them as much as possible. One of the initiatives towards this vision was — WAGMI JobDrops.

This virtual job fair was hosted by Polygon Village (a full-stack ecosystem for developers to build and grow) in collaboration with Devfolio, intending to build a more substantial presence of Polygon in the developer community, besides enabling companies to build & scale on top of the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. And looking back, we can’t help but say it was a rollicking ride.

Leading up to D-day, we indulged in fun sessions with our partners to give the candidates a glimpse of what lay ahead. We held AMA on Twitter spaces where shortlisted candidates could get to know the engineering teams and the overarching culture of the partner companies.

You can find the Twitter space recordings here:

  1. WAGMI JobDrops AMA Featuring: Hiring Partners (PolygonDAO)
  2. AMA with PolygonDAO on all things WAGMI JobDrops

We received over 3000 applications from people with varying experience levels ranging from little to 5+ years. From the applicant pool, the best 150 were shortlisted and invited for varied roles, including senior engineers.

🎊 The D-day

We partnered with some of the best companies in the ecosystem — Animoca Brands, Chainlink, CoinDCX, Colexion, Edverse, Hike/Rush Gaming, Horizon Blockchain Games, Paxo Finance, Router Protocol, QuickSwap, and Airstack to help them find the top blockchain builders across the globe. We had 40+ open positions across Smart Contract, DevOps, Backend, Full Stack Engineers, and many more!

We hosted the event on Gather Town, where all our partner companies had their own booths. At these booths, builders could explore opportunities, receive answers to their queries, and get to know the company better. Oh, and not to forget the exclusive POAPs given to all the candidates who attended or got selected!

One thing that companies look for today is for candidates to have a well-rounded experience, so we took up ensuring it.

What did we do to ensure it?

We invited builders from around the globe who had been building fascinating and visionary things in Web3. They hailed from different backgrounds, which made the candidate pool even more fascinating and diverse.

To make the interviewing process seamless, we had interview booths set up for each partner company. Candidates could check out their proposition and eventually join them for a general roundtable discussion about how they could fit into the company.

We had private interview rooms for one-on-one conversations between recruiters and builders who were a good fit for them. Following the event, additional rounds were scheduled with all the selected candidates.

With enough evidence to back it up, we can say that the event was a great success and a valuable experience for everyone. Irrespective of the selection, the candidates got to learn what they need to work more on and where they would like to contribute in the future. It helped them learn about the industry, network with similar minds, and discuss what they’re building with others.

🥂 Records of Victory

The employers were impressed with the talent present at the event and quickly learned how valuable and resourceful a candidate would be for them.

50% of the candidates were selected for further rounds, 6 of the candidates have already received offers, and several are in their final interview stage.

Here’s what the employers who joined think about the event:

What our participating builders had to say about the event:

🗾 The path ahead:

We are pleased with what we accomplished with the first-ever WAGMI JobDrops event. And we’ll never stop hosting more job opportunities for the community — where folks can share ideas, learn from each other, and grow together. And that’s a wrap!

Stay tuned for more events and interact with the  Devfolio community at:

Until then, Never Stop Building. 🛠️