Make Crypto Mobile for India

Celo is making money beautiful again and here's your chance to join in on the action. Read on to learn more!

Make Crypto Mobile for India

Celo is making money beautiful again and here's your chance to join in on the action. Devfolio is glad to host the India track of the Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon. There are $2.5 Million in prizes up for grabs with $50,000 in prizes exclusively for teams building from India, across a variety of exciting tracks from DeFi to NFTs and more. Apply now:

What is Celo?

The Celo protocol is an open, distributed cryptographic protocol that allows applications to make transactions with and perform computation on a family of cryptocurrencies, including ones pegged to ‘fiat’ currencies like the US Dollar. Celo is oriented around providing the simplest possible experience for end-users, who may have no familiarity with cryptocurrencies and may be using low-cost devices with limited connectivity.

Celo's Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon

The fast-growing Celo ecosystem is more than just democratizing access to digital money; from NFT creation, integration and marketplaces to environmental innovation and sustainability. Celo is making Crypto what it should be; — Mobile-first. Open. Real. Built on Celo — the next generation of Web3, the accessible and mobile-first blockchain where you can create, build and invent new solutions from; DeFi, NFTs, Smart Contracts to Developer Tooling the opportunities are infinite.

India Track Bounties

Overall Prizes

  • First Place - $12,000 in cUSD
  • Second Place - $10,000 in cUSD
  • Third Place - $8,000 in cUSD

Additional Bounty Tracks

  • DeFi Track - $4000 in cUSD - Build decentralized finance applications, tools, and infrastructure
  • NFT, Gaming and Creator Track - $4000 in cUSD - Build an application to mint, sell or manage non-fungible tokens
  • Infrastructure and Web3 Track - $4000 in cUSD - Build or update existing decentralized web applications
  • Green Track - $4000 in cUSD - Build or update an SDK to improve developer resources.
  • Interoperability Track - $4000 in cUSD - Build or update cross-chain applications or cross-chain tooling

Here's what's in it for you:

  • This is THE opportunity to get started with blockchain and Celo ecosystem
  • Bounties worth $50,000 up for grabs in the India Track
  • Stellar lineup of workshops for you to learn from the best in the Celo Ecosystem
  • Amazing Celo merch delivered right to your doorsteps for making a valid submission


  • 8th October, 2021 - Hackathon Kickoff
  • 5th November, 2021 - Submission Deadline
  • 15th November, 2021 - Results

How to participate