What's new:
Record a video demo of your project directly from within Devfolio.

At Devfolio, we have been using Loom for async conversations, meetings, and knowledge transfers, needless to say, it has helped us a lot while building remotely. Moreover, as builders ourselves, we've found Loom to be a great medium to share our projects with the world.

When the Loom team announced the beta release of their SDK, Preet, our backend intern had an idea of integrating Loom with Devfolio. Here's how everything works:

We didn't delay in signing up for Loom's SDK beta, and today we are happy to announce that we have added Loom to Devfolio's project submission page.

How to use Loom for your Devfolio project submissions

  • Record directly from Devfolio
    This launches the Loom app directly inside of Devfolio and allows you to record your project demo or pitch.
  • Embed loom videos on Devfolio
    Add URLs of pre-recorded loom videos and they will be shown as embeds, on the project page.

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