Builders at the ETHIndia Online: Dapp Jedi went above and beyond, pushing through their boundaries to contribute to a decentralized future. Check out what the winners of the hackathon built 👇🏻


Themis is an oracle enabling Purchasing Power Parity on Ethereum to allow for more equitable and dynamic pricing of products allowing users to send and receive payments normalized to their geolocation.

Winners: Matic Utility Track

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ConcertNet is a fusion of On-chain and Off-chain Randomness verified by cryptography to build Smart Contract based Oracles and DAOs that enable DApps to scale and secure the process of integrating workflows.

Winners: Matic Dev Tooling Track

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Crypto Num Juggle

Easy Web3 onboarding for new users through a blockchain-based game using the Portis by ShapeShift wallet. Have fun while earning crypto.

Co-Winners: Matic Open Track

Winner: Portis by ShapeShift Most addictive game Track

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Tetrion is a re-invention of the classic tetris game that we all know and love. It aims to showcase the power of the Ethereum blockchain gaming coupled with layer 2 (Matic) & wallet solutions (Portis)

Winners: Matic Open Track

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Get ready to #BUIDL again

Congrats again to all the winners who pushed the limits of their creativity to come up with these amazing projects. We hope they continue their journey into the Web3 world and keeping with the Devfolio tradition #neverstopbuilding!

Stay tuned for the next edition of ETHIndia Online coming up soon.