Vinay Kanse

Hello! I am Vinay S Kanse, a student at KJ Somaiya College of Engineering. Studying B. Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, I have clinched victories in prestigious hackathons and find joy in contributing to the community's learning and exploration of new technologies.


Three Chain

Plug and Play Supply Chain SolutionSolidity, React, Firebase, Flask, REST API, Python, OCR, PWA, Hardhat, Arcana

Scholarships App

The Web app where data of new scholarships can be added, verified and help students to find best scholarships for them.HTML, Firebase, CSS, Django, JavaScript

Poly Bricks

Making buying and renting SimplerSolidity, React, Firebase, Arcana, Quicknode, Push Protocol

Three Money

Decentralized credit scoring for fair and inclusive lending.Solidity, React, Firebase, JavaScript, Firestore, Material-UI, Hardhat, Chai, Arcana, Polygon Chain

3 Bricks

Making Housing AffordableSolidity, React, Firebase, Firestore, Polygon


Web2 -> Web3 in one clickSolidity, React, Flask, Python, Express, Node, Hardhat, Bash, GoogleAuth

Money Mitra

Effortlessly Manage Your Money: Speak, Snap, and Type Your Way to Financial Freedom Directly from whatsappReact, Django, React Native, OpenAi, Hugging Face, llma2, splitwise