Pushkar Patel

Passionate about Data Science and OSS

• Full-stack engineer with experience building robust scalable software in teams of varying size
• Curious to learn new and challenging technologies
• Demonstrable experience building Blockchain, AI and Data Science tools
• Wei Track fellow at ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0
• Currently Software Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute India - Delhi
• OSS contributor at RADAR-Base
• Prev. Stranger Hacks: GPT Era & ETH India 2022 Prize Winner and Google Summer of Code 2022 Contributor



We've made the process of finding teammates in Hackathon simpler and fun for individual participants. You might get 'left-swiped' somewhere else, you will surely get 'right-swiped' here.Firebase, Dart, Git, Flutter


A better way to take classes, remotely. A platform built keeping in mind, to create a classroom-like experience with reduced data usage.React, Node.js, Next.js, Socket.IO, Express.js

FVM Credential

A tool that allows developers to create a secure credential store through the FVM and IPFS without compromising user data or sacrificing user experienceSolidity, IPFS, MetaMask, remix, web3.js, Nodejs, fvm


Proof of Source for your ImagesSolidity, Next.js, TypeScript, Scaffold-eth, Hardhat, Polygon


A simple tool for people with executive dysfunction to break down their tasks and help achieve themJupyter Notebook, FastAPI, React.js, GPT


Deep Learning


  • Samsung R&D Institute India - Fullstack Engineer
    January 2022 - Present

    Fullstack Development

  • Google Summer Of Code, RADAR-Base - Contributor
    April 2022 - October 2022

    Contributed towards the development of RADAR-Pipeline, an open-source python project

    • Added modules to read, process and export a variety of data
    • Used Apache Spark to optimize data operations with large amounts of data
    • Set up the project to allow flexibility and extensibility by the user

  • ETHIndia - Fellow - Wei Track
    February 2023 - March 2023

    Got selected among the 25 developers in the Wei track for ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0, an 8-week mentor-led program for Web2 devs with a knack for learning about Web3.

  • Longshot AI - Machine Learning Intern
    October 2021 - January 2022

    • Built Machine Learning APIs for semantic text analysis and processing
    • Worked with Transformers-based Large Language Models (LLMs) for textual data
    • Created corpus of text data for training and deploying LLMs