Hussain Pettiwala

Hey, I am Hussain Pettiwala. A passionate full-stack developer who loves automating mundane tasks using code!


Three Chain

Plug and Play Supply Chain SolutionSolidity, React, Firebase, Flask, REST API, Python, OCR, PWA, Hardhat, Arcana

Poly Bricks

Making buying and renting SimplerSolidity, React, Firebase, Arcana, Quicknode, Push Protocol

Three Money

Decentralized credit scoring for fair and inclusive lending.Solidity, React, Firebase, JavaScript, Firestore, Material-UI, Hardhat, Chai, Arcana, Polygon Chain

3 Bricks

Making Housing AffordableSolidity, React, Firebase, Firestore, Polygon


Web2 -> Web3 in one clickSolidity, React, Flask, Python, Express, Node, Hardhat, Bash, GoogleAuth

Money Mitra

Effortlessly Manage Your Money: Speak, Snap, and Type Your Way to Financial Freedom Directly from whatsappReact, Django, React Native, OpenAi, Hugging Face, llma2, splitwise




  • - Chief Technical Officer
    November 2020 - December 2021
    • Collaborated with business professionals to conduct market research and design a product to provide an online food ordering and delivery platform for Home Chefs.
    • Built a full stack web app to create and manage orders, automate deliveries using APIs from a third party delivery provider, and collect payments and settle them using Razorpay’s APIs.
    • Optimizing for customer demand built a cross platform mobile application using React Native with push notifications backed by a robust REST API built using Django Rest Framework with MySQL.
  • R.U.D.R.A Cybersecurity Pvt - Frontend Developer
    January 2022 - June 2023
    • Participated and contributed in product design discussions to build an in-depth business dashboard for an intrusion detection system in the maritime industry from scratch.
    • Integrated the front-end with REST API along with client side routing, global state management, and client side caching for seamless user experience.
    • Collaborated with security professionals to understand the working, architecture and flow of data throughout the system to better test and simulate end user experience.
  • - Full-Stack Developer
    April 2021 - May 2021
    • Built a REST API with socket io integration on Express JS to provide real time chat experience to end users.
    • Modelled SQL data schema for the app and performed CRUD operations on the same.
    • Built robust authentication and routing for cross-platform mobile app using React Native.
  • Edelweiss Global Markets - Software Development Engineer
    • Implemented a Python library to facilitate data integration between C++ structures and systems.
    • Developed a TCP client in C++ to automate test order management, enhancing testing efficiency for trading systems; integrated with internal servers for operational validation.