Aditi Polkam




A decentralized digital identity verifier and aggregator to have all your profiles under one handle.Solidity, Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Hardhat

Ask On Chain

Dare to ask the questions you are afraid of - Anonymously!Solidity, ethers.js, Material-UI, Vercel, Remix (IDE), nextjs, Polygon, Replit


Crowdsourced question bank to automate question paper generationSolidity, TypeScript, The Graph, nextjs, Polygon, Push Protocol, Chailink


Equal Opportunities, Equal Pay: Get Paid for Your Talent, Regardless of Gender or Nationality or any other factor!Solidity, React, Multer, Tesseract OCR, Tailwind CSS, DigitalOcean, Nodejs, Polygon, IPFS / Filecoin, Lighthouse

Onchain Friends

Finding onchain friends is hard, we provide web3 social dapps an easy way to import a newly onboarded user's onchain friends from their previous activity.Xmtp, AIRSTACK


Decentralized chat for a connected world - powered by ArweaveSvelte, aos, Arweave, AOConnect




  • The Social Continent - Softwar Engineer
    July 2023 - Present
    • Responsible for developing backend infrastructure for the SoCon App which is to be scaled for a million users.
    • Researching and developing strategies with respect to hub architectures involving cryptographical methods.
    • Develop the communications infrastructure for efficient video and audio streams considering blockchain restrictions
  • Sadaiv CI - Full Stack Developer
    January 2023 - Present
    • Contributed to the GitHub app backend, significantly impacting the product's development
    • Created a high-performance web-app with over 300+ users in a week with Firebase Authentication and Cloud Firestore
    • Implemented web frontend for 3 products with pin-point precision from Figma high-fidelity designs
    • Wrote 2 Smart Contracts for the developer identity protocol
  • CFT Labs - Frontend Developer Intern
    August 2022 - September 2022
    • Quickly adapted to the code written by a teammate and performed smooth API integrations with efficient state management for 2 products simultaneously.
    • Single-handedly prepared a dashboard to track sales with data filtering and improved the web app by over 50% in source code optimization
  • Wow Labz - Technical Content Writer
    September 2022 - January 2023

    -Research and write about web3 for blogs/threads/posts