Unveiling ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0

We believe that building is where the best learning happens. And with that, we are back this year with ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0.

Unveiling ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0

As a community of builders with a strong bias to action, our belief at Devfolio is that the best way to learn is by building. We wanted to combine the best of our ideology and what fellowships have to offer to create a space where everyone feels comfortable building, sharing their ideas, and getting their creative juices flowing.

And with that, we’re back this season with EIF 3.0 to help you break into the Ethereum ecosystem.

Why should I join the fellowship?

This winter, EIF 3.0 is here to support you in making lasting contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem!

As an EIF fellow, you will be able to:

  • Access curated resources and brainstorming exercises
  • Learn from industry experts who have been there and done that
  • Work on riveting problem statements

Here's everything you need to know about the fellowship:

The ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0 is an 8-week mentor-led program with 2 parallel tracks. Both tracks are open to all individuals.

And the best part? You get paid to learn! All the fellows of Track Wei and Track Gwei will be given a stipend of $1000 and $2000, respectively!

EIF Tracks:

  • Track Wei is for a select set of top Web2 devs with a knack for learning about Web3. This track aims to familiarise them with the technology and tools required to transition to Web3 with the help of training and mentoring.
  • Track Gwei is for intermediate Web3 developers who want to go all-in and focus solely on building projects. The fellowship will provide mentorship and a launchpad for developing production-level tools and products in the Web3 space.

How can I apply?

  1. Fill out an application to make your case to join the fellowship.
  2. Work closely with the mentors to learn, build your skills, and contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem over eight weeks. The estimated time commitment is 40 hours per week.
  3. Contribute regularly to the chosen project under the guidance of your mentor and receive stipend payouts every two weeks based on milestones achieved.


  • Applications begin: 6:00 PM IST | 14-11-2022
  • Applications end: 11:59 PM IST | 14-01-2023
  • Interview invites sent: 30-12-2022 (Rolling)
  • Interviews: 02-01-2023 → 17-01-2023
  • Final cohort announcement: 8:00 PM IST | 22-01-2023
  • Program Starts: 8:00 PM IST | 03-02-2023
  • Program Ends: 8:00 PM IST | 02-04-2023

So what are you waiting for? Extend your skills, get trained in the area of your interests, and get rewarded based on your future potential to do amazing work.

Stay tuned for more updates and interact with the Devfolio community at:

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️