Hacker dashboard

  • We introduced the markdown editor last month, and we've been improving it ever since. It now supports uploading images! 🖼️ Add it to your bio, project description to make it shine ✨
  • We are not perfect but we do deserve a perfect fit size tee :D
    And that's why we have added this little size chart to help you choose the right size 👕
  • Added hints for all kinds of custom questions in the hackathon application and improved hint visibility 🧐

Public Profile

  • Improved responsiveness of the public profile page. It looks ✨ on 📱 too :)

Organizer dashboard

  • UX for updating the Judges and FAQs has been improved. With the introduction of new sorting functionality, these sections can be organized by just dragging and dropping.
  • We now require organizers to verify their hackathon's contact email. This ensures that the participants always have an official and accessible communication channel to the organizers.
  • Hints can be added to custom questions as markdown. These help the participants to better understand the questions and respond appropriately.
  • Tweaked the project submission policy of participants being in a team (of two or more hackers), to allow individual participants to also submit projects.

We still encourage you to participate in a team when possible! The world is a better place today because of like-minded individuals coming together and collaborating to tackle the toughest problems.

  • Keeping privacy in mind, we no longer save the users' date of birth. As a result, the age distribution graph, and underage participants table were removed from the hackathon organizer's dashboard.
  • Organizers can now add other users as organizers using the Team tab.
  • Fixed a bug that sets the wrong time in some cases when adding a date in the hackathon setup dashboard.

More details on what we have been shipping lately here. If any of this looks interesting then do check out our career page.