Introducing Devfolio Ideas!

Learn more about how Devfolio is democratizing ideas and fostering innovation.

Introducing Devfolio Ideas!

Being closely connected with our 55000+ strong community of makers and builders, something we hear a lot is that there needs to be an easy way to discover, collaborate, and build on ideas as a community. The most common queries we always hear are similar to either of these:

  • 'I have no idea what to work on. Can you suggest me project ideas for...XYZ?'
  • 'How do I find others with whom I can collaborate on my idea?'

This is why we decided to democratize ideas through Devfolio.

šŸŒ Fresh out of the oven!

Introducing 'Devfolio Ideas'! It will not only help you find the right idea and but also enlist fellow makers in your mission to help you ship that project. We've combined the ability to discover and share ideas along with our Projects feature to encourage an outpouring of innovation.

How does it work?

  1. Head over to the Projects tab in your dashboard, scroll to find the 'Need ideas?' section and click on 'Inspire me'

2. An idea pops up with the title, a brief description, and the option to share it over socials. You can also check out the profile of others in the community who have chosen to build on the idea. Don't find the idea that interesting? A simple click on 'Next idea' conjures a new one.

3. Clicking on 'Start working on this idea' allows you to create a project with a name of your choice.

So you've got ideas? Like ... a lot of 'em?

There are way too many of us with ideas but too little time. If you're that person then we can help convert those ideas into a real product.

Submit them to Devfolio

Head over to Ā and let our community know what you want to get built.

You can also choose to submit an idea by clicking on 'Submit an idea' in the idea modal. All ideas are reviewed by the Devfolio team before publishing so our community gets their eyes on only the best of the best.

Dream, do and develop all on Devfolio

We believe this nifty feature will go a long way in building strong bonds between members of the community. In the end, though ideas are great to have, execution is what matters. It takes all kinds of people to bring ideas into reality. There are both talented folks with great ideas and those with the right skill sets to build them. Connecting them opens up a sea of possibilities that could see a whole new wave of hackers not only building projects but also fully-fledged products.

We're excited to see what our community makes of it. Go ahead and give it a spin.

Happy building!