Attending India's biggest community hackathon has its perks!

Here are the tracks you can work on for this edition of InOut, which is also our biggest edition till date:

A few cool ideas to start with!

  1. Automatic checkouts at retail stores that can forever get rid of long queues at checkouts. A great solution to avoid wasting time and energy waiting for checkouts at busy retail shops!
  2. An AI-powered bot to help patients in case of an emergency. With AI and ideas from HealthTech, one can help people having medical conditions find help.
  3. Hungry but don’t know what to eat? We’ve all been there! Let bots do the hardwork work for you!
  4. Decentralized Marketplace: Buy anything with Ethereum. Build the next big online marketplace with no middleman using crypto!
  5. An app to extract advanced text recognition from images. This can be of great help for educational purposes, archiving old degrading books etc!
  6. Offline, self-propagating SMS for remote areas where network access and high-speed internet is low. This can be useful at disaster-hit places where all the network cables and other technologies break down.
  7. Find an article you read before from just very few snippets you remember from it. This can be a great solution to those moments when you just can't remember the name of the article but you badly need to find them!
  8. An app that can help tackle water shortage problems in arid regions This will be useful at the most arid regions in the country and in the world by fair management and equal distribution of water.
  9. An app that can help people suffering from Alzheimer's disease remember their priced belongings and family. The app can contain basic informations patients can check out to recognise their loved ones!
  10. Utilizing smartwatches to detect how clean our hands are. This has a lot of uses that can attribute to health, saving water etc.

You can find some really great ideas from these sources too:


πŸ‘‰πŸ» Quora

πŸ‘‰πŸ» 0xProject

Checkout Past Devfolio Hackathon Submissions

A great source of ideas are past Devfolio hackathon submissions themselves. Every submission made at a Devfolio hackathon has a unique public URL generated.

To find them πŸ‘‡πŸ»

For some icing on the cake, here are the prize-winning hacks from the past editions of Devfolio official hackathons:


  1. InstaDapp: Resolver contract & Dapp on top of MakerDAO CDP for Loan, Trade / Swap ERC20 tokens against margin or collateral of ETH, and repay Loan.
  2. Split Me Up!: This platform provides a digital way to store your seed phrases( that are used to generate private keys over the Ethereum network) securely over a network of anonymous peers based on Shamir’s secret algorithm.
  3. Whistle: To empower individuals and whistleblowers who are living under constant fear of death, using the Smart Contracts, NuCypher MockNet to store encrypted data on the blockchain using heartbeat function.
  4. Contractify: The project is designed to provide individuals and businesses a clean and easy interface to sign and enforce real-world contracts on the Blockchain. The application allows participants to negotiate terms of a contract and will deploy an equivalent Ethereum smart contract that enforces the same.

InOut 5.0

  1. Sadly distributed: The website compiles your distributed code in almost any language to WebAssembly, and then all of it is executed in a cluster of browsers. Anyone who opens the website in their browser will share his or her computing power with Sadly distributed team.
  2. Player Known Battle Grounds: PKBG brings the familiar PUBG / CS:GO like shooting dynamics, combined with Fortnite's building mechanics that allow us to build walls around us in an AR world and then engage in a shootout with real people who can hide behind virtual walls.
  3. Not HAL: The product is a robust self-learning technology that instantly alerts users to atypical incidents by leveraging cutting-edge AI research and Deep Learning-powered algorithms. It models regular and irregular behavior from only a small sample of anomaly data. It allows users to be proactive and control situations in almost real-time; instead of reacting to anomaly after they have caused damage.
  4. sendInOut, now Incento: A Google Pay alternative on top of blockchain using Dai stable coin providing users seamless, easy to use and intuitive way to transfer money on the blockchain.


  1. Code Capsule: Code on Paper. Scan. Edit. Run. Brainstorming for developers just got upgraded to the next level! Code capsule encapsulates the code that you've written on paper, in the form of object data and makes it easier to use.
  2. WorkoutRight: Perfect your squat posture with this app that combines image recognition with some GraphQL magic! It makes tasks easier and safer as the realtime analysis is driven on the device of the beholder i.e. person, which enables instant feedbacks with least latency.
  3. People with Pads: Discreet matching of sanitary pads with women in need of them. Crypto rewards built-in! This app provides the nearest location of women carrying pads and also reward the givers with points from which they can claim pads via cryptocurrency.
  4. getShitdone: Hack your way into getting some last-minute studying done with easy access to video summaries, flashcards, and even the class topper's notes! This makes use of multiple APIs and python scripts to cut down on the time that is wasted looking at unnecessary and redundant content.

ETHIndia 2.0

  1. A friendly, privacy-preserving burner wallet. Move funds from contract wallets without worry! is digital cash: instant-on layer-2; intuitively move funds from contract wallets into burner keys and easy in your phone's browser.
  2. 1Lend: Lend your crypto through multiple lending providers using a single interface. Best overview and usability to lend own crypto on the best lending providers. It unifies in only one user interface deposits and withdraws.
  3. nuAztec: Share your transaction history with only those who need to know, with this selective privacy-preserving app. It equips Aztec with selective privacy to allow sharing of transaction data with a set of public addresses that would otherwise only be visible to the sender & Receiver with the help of NuCypher's PRE.
  4. LendZ: In existing on-chain lending platforms, every loan that is created, is visible to anyone and everyone on the platform. What if a user does not want to disclose the loan amounts (s)he's willing to lend OR borrow? That's where LendZ comes into the picture and allows users to make confidential loan/borrow orders on the blockchain.

Apps like InstaDApp and Incento are runaway hits from our official hackathons! Yours might be next! πŸš€πŸš€

We're still at the shore! There are many more to discover in the vast ocean of ideas. You just need to dive in. Who knows if your idea will turn out to be the next runaway success story! 😎