The Devfolio team organized the second edition of Asia’s biggest Ethereum Hackathon on 2–4 August. Missed out on attending ETHIndia 2.0 in person? Luckily for you, our social media team did a great job covering all the action from the event. Relive the highlights with a little help from our ‘LIT’ twitter feed. 🔥

The MLR Convention Centre in Bangalore opened its gates for ETHIndia Conference attendees at 8 AM on 2 August. With a stellar lineup of talks and workshops for the ETHIndia conference, we welcomed over 400 attendees for the conference. Check-ins were a hassle-free process thanks to Devfolio’s built-in single-click check-in process and our dedicated volunteer team.

After a hearty breakfast, attendees headed for the auditorium where Nash from Devfolio along with Kartik and Jacob from ETHGlobal kicked off the opening ceremonies with shoutouts to our amazing sponsors, organizers and volunteers who made ETHIndia possible. We also had some cool stats from the hacker applications to show off, which is a testament to the rising popularity of developer interest in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Pranav from NuCypher, Jaynti from Matic and Anand from Lendroid took to the stage to introduce their projects and the bounties they had in store for hackers.

We didn’t want folks who couldn’t make it in person to the conference to miss out on the action which is why we live-streamed it. :)

Check out the recording here —

Soon after the opening ceremony, it was time for the first workshop of the day by Arpit from Matic Network on getting starting with Solidity. Vignesh from Lendroid then took to the stage to talk about his transformative experience with hackathons! Up next were Desmond and Anton from Kyber Network to talk about how they enable on-chain liquidity for the decentralised economy. Stani from AAVE took up the final session before lunch, speaking about how decentralised lending pools are impacting the DeFi landscape. Attendees made good use of the lunch break, swarming the sponsor booths to interact and learn more about the exciting projects taking part in ETHIndia.

The day continued with Vii from Lendroid taking up a workshop on the Lendroid Protocol and their journey so far. Sayli from Matic continued Arpit’s solidity introduction session from the morning to showcase a dApp version of Airbnb. Anton from Kyber Network showed us how to integrate the Kyber Protocol into dApps. Privacy is a pre-requisite for any real world usage of blockchain and Arnaud from AZTEC showed us how you can bake it into your dApps using the AZTEC toolbox.

Finally, it was time for Vitalik, someone who doesn’t need an introduction! Even though he couldn’t make it in person, the interactive nature of the fireside chat with him led by Kartik made the audience feel he was here with us in Bangalore. Vitalik spoke about his journey from writing articles in exchange for Bitcoin to building Ethereum and answered some thought-provoking about the way ahead for Ethereum from the audience.

Next up was Gaurav from QuikNode who demonstrated how to set up an Ethereum Block Explorer using QuikNode and web3.js. The last talk of the conference was taken up by Leonard from Torus who explained how frictionless logins for dApps are enabled through Torus.

With the conference wrapped up, our hackers were all set to hack and started checking in in earnest for the hackathon. Jeff Lau from ENS did an excellent job brainstorming with the hackers and helping them use ENS domains for their dApps.

The hackathon kicked off at 10 PM post a nourishing dinner for our hackers. Energised by the inspiring talks and stimulating conversations through the day hackers were raring to get a chance to build the next big dApp.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the recap to find out what happened next!

Originally published at on August 15, 2019