We announced the Build India Fellowship in late 2020, and we received over 2500 applications for the same, which clearly shows how many Indian builders wanted something like this. The Build India Fellowship 1.0 was our attempt to give young builders a fair chance to build whatever they want while providing capital, mentorship & support.

Four startups emerged from the BIF1, and we provided them with equity-free grants worth a total of $30,000.

The Convo Space

Anudit Nagar founded The Convo, which provides the infrastructure & tooling for decentralized conversations, identity, & reputation management. The team even got accepted into the prestigious tachyon accelerator and raised further funds to keep building Convo. 👾


What started as a tool to solve e-commerce challenges for service-based businesses is now a conversational commerce platform for D2C brands on Instagram. They were also the brains behind the CowinAlertsBot used by 1.5L Indians 🇮🇳 Learn more about their story here 🙂


Kanav, Supratik, and their team have been working tirelessly to solve the problem of building kernels effectively with this open-source cloud-based cache management tool, BakeCloud. They're preparing to launch their beta very soon and propel their product to newer heights!


Rahul and his team have been building Modfy — Figma for video. They are revolutionizing video processing on the cloud! The team also battled it out until the final round of YC, received an acquihire offer, and also raised funds to continue building Modfy 🤤

These projects have shown that with the right resources, builders are unstoppable. India has no talent shortage, and we hope to continue this mission of pushing young builders to the moon. 🚀


A huge shout out to Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal & Anurag Arjun from Polygon as well as Barron from Libertus Capital for backing these builders & believing in us.

We can't wait to launch BIF 2.0 with more builders and an all-new hacker house 🏡