Vaibhav .

am currently in my final year of undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I have honed my software development skills through various team and personal projects at IIT Roorkee, Zulip, and Goldman Sachs, India. I have been a lead developer at SDSLabs, a student group that fosters technical activities on campus. We have developed applications in various domains such as cloud computing, networking, game development, and many more. Owing to the versatility of fields that I’ve worked in, I am well versed in Go, JavaScript, and Python, and experienced in many technologies and frameworks such as Git, Docker, NodeJS, Django, and VueJS to name a few. During the summer of 2019, I was a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) student developer with the Zulip Open Source Project. I also mentored Zulip GSoC students in the summer of 2020. I worked as a software engineering intern at Goldman Sachs, where I worked on developing an enterprise-level time-series database. I learned to use C++, get familiar with the vast codebase, and completed my project ahead of the expected timeline. Besides the technical work, I was also appreciated for excellent presentation and communication skills by senior program managers at Goldman Sachs. Additionally, I frequently contribute to Open-Source. I have been a contributor to enterprise-grade products like Caddy and CockroachDB. Apart from directly contributing to the codebase, I also created the git plugin for Caddy v2. Due to my leadership skills, I have been appointed the Secretary of SDSLabs for the session 2020-21. My responsibility is to supervise the group and projects' overall working and mentor junior undergraduates in development projects. I was also the Head of Technology for developing and maintaining the Inter IIT Tech Meet website.




  • Goldman Sachs - Software Developer
    May 2020 - June 2020
    • Worked on a time-series database for adding a processor to build consolidated order books.
    • Built the processor that generates the consolidated order book for multiple symbols and levels.
    • Integrated the processor with various APIs in different languages (C++, Java and Python).
  • Google Summer of Code (Zulip) - Software Developer
    May 2019 - August 2019
    • Added various features such as creating transcripts of conversations, adding notifications for various message events.
    • Worked on the Zulip events system which is responsible for updating the state across the backend and the frontend of the web application.
    • Re-engineered components like message-box, drafts and message edit-history.