Mishal Shah

I'm a full-stack developer with over 2 years of experience in Ruby on Rails, Django and MEAN Stack. I have an immense passion for developing apps which are useful in real life and to people. By far the most complex project I have worked was developing IRIS - a portal for the college which is all-in-one portal for the student-administration-teacher interaction which includes course registration, room allotment, placement, fee payment, room bookings, grade sheets, attendance and moodle. I worked as a Development Team Lead at IRIS. The application currently has more than active 5000 users and more than 20 modules on it.

The learnings in building applications have been immense, I have learned a lot about developing websites, maintaining the servers, about master-slave database technology, maintaining backups of the database, optimizing the most complex queries. I have also learned about handling corner cases for data loss. I personally feel most of my extreme limits have been tested and used in serving the college community.

I have also contributed to open source projects such as Secure Tea from OWASP, which sends a notification to the user's set application on intrusion detection of the PC.

I have been Alexa developer and contributed to Actions on Google, which helped me learn about serverless and lambda architecture of Google Cloud and AWS.

Apart from that, I have experience in Erlang, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
Some of the applications include:

  1. Virtual Clinic: Constructed a full-stack Hospital Management system application using Django to automate the whole healthcare consultancy process from appointment scheduling to consultation to lab reports with 5 different stakeholders, and over 20 features. Unit Tested the application, all UML Diagrams were drawn. A working demo can be found http://virtual-clinic.herokuapp.com.

  2. OS Simulator: Interactive Simulation of all major concepts of OS. Worked on UI (Ubuntu Theme), Inter-Process Communication, Process Synchronization, Server Architecture. Lead a team of 10 members over a period of 3 months. A working demo can be found http://uos-simulator.herokuapp.com.

  3. Empact: Emotion analysis in video conferencing to give constructive feedback and insights. Implemented MEAN stack Web App with Jitsi-Meet and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

  4. YouTube-Playlist: Developed a MEAN stack app for users to make public/private playlists of YouTube Videos. Google-based authentication, YouTube Video APIs(Search, Data) were used. A working demo can be found http://playutube.herokuapp.com

  5. Spell-Corrector: Implemented Norvig’s spell-checker in Erlang(originally in Python). Used Concurrent Programming to improve time-efficiency. Gave good results for error up to 2 letters in a word.

  6. NoteMaker: A chrome plugin to instantly create notes from any website. Used chrome APIs to update the context menu, add the selected text/image to a cloud database, notification on the addition of new notes. Developed REST APIs supporting different functionalities using Node.js, Express.

Some achievements:
• Selected & Participated in InOut 6.0 - India's Biggest Community Hackathon.
• Winner of Microsoft code.fun.do Junior League out of 19 teams, NITK, Surathkal, 2017-18
• Selected for Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2018 - Department of Space (ISRO).

Extra-Curricular Activities:
• Convenor (Head) at HackVerse, NITK - National Level Hackathon of NITK, Surathkal.
• Convenor (Head) at The Institution of Engineers, NITK Chapter - Managing a team of over 140
members, managing over 10 events (talks, contests, workshops), initiated weekly blog posts, internships records of members for better alumni outreach.
• Development SIG Head at Web Enthusiasts’ Club NITK, Leading a team of over 30 members.
Involved in conducting sessions/talks for freshers, developed website for the Club.
• Open source contributor to OWASP - SecureTea Project - added Slack Bot and Telegram Bot Notification
• Internship Coordinator for the year 2018-19 at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NITK.
• Website Manager for TEDxNITKSurathkal - 2019 Edition



Speaking Out - Speak INOUT. Conquer the world through your oratory skills!jQuery, Bootstrap, Django, OpenCV, spaCy, Natural language processing (NLP), Video.js


Ruby on Rails
Full Stack


  • IIIT Hyderabad - Software Engineering Internship
    May 2018 - July 2018
    • Worked to define the Abstract Syntax Tree for different types of contents to be rendered in the experiment.
    • Built parser, linker and renderer to render the document written with the defined grammar.
    • Built APIs using Node.js for the documents and realizations to be stored in the database(MongoDB).
    • The same infrastructure was used to build 8 other experiments related to Data Structure and Algorithms and pushed to production
  • Google Summer of Code - Student Developer
    May 2019 - August 2019
    • Leveraged the Bake build system of ns-3 to add command-line options like getconf, install, search for the apps on the AppStore to have a smaller core in the mainline of ns-3. The project would thus reduce the build-time of the entire ns-3 project.
    • Migrated the code of the AppStore to the latest version of Python(3.6) and Django(2.2) and to follow PEP8 style coding structure.
    • REST APIs to fetch the configuration file and the data of the apps were built using Django Rest Framework, added authentication with GitLab and GitHub, Download statistics for each app