Dora Lee


🤗 I'm Dora Lee (@dsa28s), a 25-year-old developer who wants to be as versatile as Doraemon!

👨‍💻 I'm here at [ModHaus] (https://www.mod-haus.com/).

  • I work as an Android engineer!
  • I mainly work with [Android] (https://developers.android.com) / and [iOS] (https://kotlinlang.org/docs/native-overview.html) and [Kotlin Native] (https://developers.apple.com) as hobbies.

😘 There are so many things I want to do, so I usually do the following after work.

  • I'm working on a side project!
  • I read books and watch YouTube while drinking 🍻 beer alone.
  • I love eating so much that I often go to good restaurants!

📚 Here's what I'm studying now.

  • I'm studying Kotlin Native to build a multi-platform with one code in a mobile app.
  • I'm trying to make my own interpreter language with Golang.



Duckee is the platform for creators where you can discover, create and monetize AI artworks/prompts based on Duckee's derivable NFT generation system.Kotlin, TypeScript, jetpack compose, Hilt, coil, Cadence, AWS Serverless, Android Navigation Component, OrbitMVI, Firebase / OKHttp / Jetpack DataStore / Protocol Buffer


Namedrop for Web3: The new way to remember someone IRLSwiftUI, Cadence, Secure Enclave, Cryptokit, FCL Swift SDK, Wi-Fi Direct / BLE, Account Linking, Nearby Interaction, Face ID, PassKey