Nischitha P

I'm good at web development , both backend and front end and try to be creative with my awareness in AI and try delivering productive AI applications with web. The advent of productive platforms at this millenial era,its the web that delivers resources and drives the market , because most of the products i try to develop is to attract most people to use it.

I most recently have won an innovation drive held by the company i was interning at , which focused on 2018's technology vision , the Internet of Thinking , the next generation to the internet of things . The principle of Internet of Thinking was to encourage and drive analytics on the edge rather than the cloud ( beating the principle IoThings) and drive efficiency in providing realtime insights with the help of edge driven AI. As a part of this Innovation , i've used AI to monitor productivity of an employee by analysing their posture from their work devices and times away from their device and suggest mechanisms to boost productivity , these mechanisms were made personalised to each employee by analysing their performance over time. I used web based technologies in conjunction to AI to implement this as it was able to prove the case that resources can be delivered to the edge with the help of the web and also drive AI on the edge as well , this also doesnt increase investment into AI dependent hardware for efficiency multifold , as long as there isnt a need. I also developed a business and security model to help identify the leverage between investing into hardware as a drive for internet of Thinking vs Things. Technologies used : Tensorflow js , PosNet , P5js , node-js , plotly .



A Digital Personal TrainerHTML, GraphQL, p5.js, Posenet




  • Deloitte - Intern
    January 2019 - April 2019

    Intern in the Risk and Financial Advisory : Cyber security practice .