Hello, you all amazing women in tech! We’re thrilled to announce India’s largest all-women hackathon + conferencewmn; in Bangalore, India on June 1–2, 2019.

One might wonder, there are so many conferences and hackathons happening across India, what makes wmn; any different?

wmn; is the first large scale all-women hackathon being held in India. We strongly believe that women can work wonders when presented with the right opportunities. Throughout history, women have fought against bias and have proved that they are no less. Its time, we draw more diversity in Indian tech ecosystem! Standing right to that, wmn; is bringing together over 250 amazing women developers and designers, who will hack the patriarchy and show their metal.

But that’s not all of it! wmn; is also a conference that welcomes brilliant women leaders in different focus areas of tech to come together, share knowledge and help us build a thriving community.

Why mix a conference and a hackathon though? While conferences are a great place to share knowledge with the community and network, they miss the essential part, i.e. building things. We believe showing > telling. And so combining the best aspects of both conferences and hackathons, wmn; is born, India’s largest all-women hackathon + conference.

wmn; also hopes to solve the problem that conferences in India are rapidly bringing to attention. Most of the conferences in our country offer an entry-level ticket at an extremely steep price. This sections such events, making them accessible to only those who can afford such tickets. The high price tickets act as a barrier to entry and oppose the open source ethos.

We believe such opportunities shouldn’t be restrictive. wmn; aims at making such learning opportunities accessible to everyone! wmn; is a community-driven, not-for-profit initiative, that is entirely free. We offer free tickets for the conference. There will be a small token amount to register for attending the conference, which will be refunded once participants check-in. It’s only to ensure drop-offs and genuine participation from interested community members. The hackathon, of course, is free for all the accepted hackers along with travel scholarship support to students.

Join us, on June 1–2, 2019 in Razorpay, Bangalore to celebrate diversity, learn enthralling new tech and build crazy new things! Apply now at https://wmn.community 🚀

wmn; is a non-profit community driven initiative which doesn’t sell tickets and thus we rely on sponsorship support from tech companies to help run the event. If your company cares about building a diverse and inclusive workplace, please ask them to consider supporting wmn; by sponsoring us 👉🏼 sponsor@wmn.community.


- Shraddha, Tanu and the wmn; team.

Originally published at https://medium.com/wmn on April 15, 2019