Introducing the Devfolio Beta Program

We have been quietly building the all-new version of Devfolio since last year and we can't wait to show you all.

Introducing the Devfolio Beta Program

At Devfolio, we strive to help builders build by delivering a great user experience. We’ve been quietly building an all-new version of Devfolio since the last year and we can't wait to show it to you all. The input we receive from the community is a valuable part of building and improving Devfolio. This is why we're excited to introduce the Devfolio Beta Program.

We’d like to invite you to help shape the future of Devfolio by providing valuable feedback on features before they are shipped to the rest of the community.

By signing up for the beta program, you would be the first to put new features to their paces. This feedback directly helps us identify issues, improve our platform and innovate on new features.

Revamped Hackathon Microsite

We’re starting out the Beta program, by previewing a brand new Hackathon Microsite.

new revamped hackathon microsite on one of our ETHIndia hackathons, ETHOdyssey.
Revamped hackathon microsite on one of our ETHIndia hackathons, ETHOdyssey. ↗️

We’ve redesigned the microsite to be more helpful to our users. The new design gives organizers more control over how they present and organize information creating a more consistent user experience. Builders can browse through the major topics of the hackathon on top navbar. The sticky component on the right focuses on the duration of the hackathon and important dates.

Read more about the updates at our beta changelog.

How do you Join

The Devfolio Beta Program is open to all users. We’re looking for community members especially those who use have participated in various initiatives through the Devfolio platform.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Enroll in our beta program by going to Settings ( and clicking on “Join Beta”.
  • Once in the Beta, you will receive updates about new Beta releases and features available to test.
  • Users can opt-out from the Beta program at anytime.
GIF of Devfolio's settings page showing instructions for joining beta by going to the left and clicking blue "Join Beta" button
Joining the Beta

If you’re interested but unable to join the Beta for any reason, email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out. We’ll update our blog with new major releases and features as they become available beyond the beta group.

Until then, Never Stop Building.