Namaste, decentralised world! The ETHGlobal series has a new addition. We are delighted to announce that the 4th hackathon, and the first to hit Asia, ETHIndia will be held in Bangalore, 10–12 August 2018.

This hackathon is a special one, as the ETHBuenosAires proved, there is a great deal of unexposed talent in regions where these events are not regular occurrences or there isn’t enough community building.

The onset of digital payments and the idea of a cashless economy that followed demonetisation, has had a gigantic effect on how people make transactions daily. The sequence of events aligned just right to open the country to newer transaction methods. 2016 could be seen as the tipping point for the blockchain and crypto space in India, 32 blockchain startups were born that year in the country and the community is still learning a great deal about this technology.

Developers from India have been actively participating in its biggest community hackathon “InOut” that we have been organising since 2015, and its success inspired us to bring the ETHGlobal series here. We want to discover the hidden potential that Indian developers have in store to contribute towards a decentralised world.

It is also important for us to strive to bring in a diverse audience, so we’re inviting everyone to attend no matter the gender, background or age; everyone is welcome; students, developers, entrepreneurs, key community members, thought leaders etc. Our aim is to make sure there is total inclusivity & accessibility when working together to contribute to the same decentralised future we are all dreaming of, and working towards.

In keeping with the theme of diversity and the vision of ETHGlobal, the event will also feature an initiative with a mission to balance the gender gap in the blockchain space, not only in India, but worldwide, by launching ETHIndia4Women. This will give some of our under-represented female talent the opportunity to interact with prominent individuals in the blockchain and crypto space who have always stood for equality and can advise them on their hacks and projects.

We are excited to welcome everyone in ‘Namma Bengaluru’! For further info and application details, please visit our website:

If you are interested in volunteering for the hackathon, please fill out this form:

Time to #BUIDL in Asia 🚀

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Originally published at on June 12, 2018