We tuned into the valuable feedback we received from our community and built a super swift search interface that makes finding hackathons, submissions, and hackers lightning fast.

Let's check it out!

Signs of scaling and a supportive community

We're hosting more hackathons than ever on our platform now. Along with an increasing number of hackathons, our developer community is also growing rapidly and is now 34k members strong.

To catch up with this rapid scaling, we've to make sure our platform can still give that seamless experience for both hackers and the organizers.

Not so long back, we collected feedback from our community that has helped us get better than ever before. Over the last few weeks, we pushed a lot of features inspired by their feedback.

Here are a couple of suggestions we got from our folks:

  • Make the hackathon explore page more accessible
  • Make finding teammates easier
  • Enhance the search for submissions from past hackathons
  • Improve the search experience in the organizer dashboard

A feature we had to give a major make-over was our search experience, and hey, we did it 🚀

Fantastic hackathons and where to find them

Hackathon discoverability was a bit of a troublesome experience for the hackers. Our engineering team went on a sprint and developed this incredibly fast search experience with which hackers can easily search for hackathons by their name and, most importantly, by their type and demographics.

Our community folks told us that it was hard for them to find a hackathon that was located at a place accessible by them. With this feature, they no longer need to worry about it. Check it out:

A shower of hackathons 🎉

Find your teammates in a split second

Finding a teammate is not hard anymore! With the new 'Hackers' feature on the hackathon public page, you can search for the right partner to team up with. We've added the new search experience in the Hackers tab to help you quickly find the teammate you are looking for.

Even better, we're soon shipping a feature that will let you directly send a team-up request to a hacker from within the dashboard. Exciting right?!

Find me my teammate! 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Curious to find out cool projects built at our hackathons?

You can surf through all the awesome hacks built at our hackathons with ease now. Put in the filters and boom! You can find the project that fascinates you.

So many hacks! 🤗

Organizers just got more powerful

We've not forgotten you, hackathon organizers 😛

Our instant search feature extends to the organizer dashboard too! With an already excellent feature-packed dashboard, the fast search turns up the heat bringing the best out of the prowess of these features.

While earlier it was only possible to search for hackers through their username or email address, now their name itself does the job.

Reviewing hackers has never been so easy, check-ins are now super fast, logistics can be taken care of in a jiffy, and the mighty admins can cast their magic spells even better.

Thou art powerful, Admin 😎

These improvements are much better experienced than read. Head over to https://devfolio.co/hackathons to check it out for yourself.

We feel so overwhelmed when our community reaches out to us, providing valuable feedback. All thanks to you folks, we're living our dreams of being a community-empowering startup. Let's build a better future!

'Tis the season and Devfolio fam wishes you all happy holidays. Take a break from all the hustle and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas and New Year!

Never stop building,

Team Devfolio