What is a Hackathon? For most, it is a place where developers and designers and enthusiasts get together under one roof to build something unique, something unforeseen, something innovative, something which makes them go, "Hey look that group, over there, they built 'XYZ' and it was so COOL!"

But is that all there is, to it? Do we really go to a hackathon just for coding or developing, maybe 100s or even 1000s of lines of code?

Most of the time, the competition is so intense that it makes it hard for participants to focus on anything but their hacks. It's a bitter pill to swallow but the essence of learning and growing from the event as a whole is lost.

InOut, India’s biggest Community Hackathon, disrupts this by changing the status quo. How’s that? We provide you with an adventure worth remembering.

InOut focuses not only on hacking but also on enabling every participant to become better at the skills they wish to master.

There will always be something new to take away from your fellow hacker. If you love developing, you’ll not only get better at developing but learn something new about product design too. If you are good at designing, you’ll learn about disruption and creation as well. Because in the end, it’s teamwork that helps us thrive.

Sounds like a dream, right? Attending a hackathon, meticulously planned, which keeps in mind the competition and requirements of the attendees. This is what the InOut Team excels at, and we take pride in it.


So, let's take a glimpse into InOut 5.0? Shall we?

The event, scheduled in Bengaluru between 12 - 14 Oct’18, will attract participants from all over India and ten other countries. Our uniqueness in terms of the sheer scale of our hackathon is our hallmark. With 4695 registrations from 504 institutes in just 30 days, InOut 5.0 has been a hugely anticipated event and we are just as excited to see what our hackers build and share with others. We are also proud to be associated with some of the most admired companies and organisations in the world who are more than happy to help us grow the hacker community.

InOut 5.0 is not just about AI or Blockchain or FinTech or Healthcare, but about the amalgamation of these cutting-edge domains! Yes! There is no need to hack on a single track or a predefined tech stack. If you like frontend, develop the most intuitive UI. You like AI, feel free to develop the next generation of smart apps.

Develop and attend, not only to win but to meet new people. Make new friends. Learn something new. Teach something new. And if you feel lost at any point, we’ll have our team and mentors guide you towards your goal. While you build, our team of volunteers will work in the backend to make sure you have an experience to last you a lifetime. You are not alone in this journey, we will walk with you, through any issues you may face, technical or non-technical.

It's a humble brag, but we think InOut will be an event which will change your perspective about the process of building the future with technology. We want you to experience, what a community-driven hackathon really looks like.

So, are you up for the challenge? You've bought the ticket, now it's time to get on the ride. We’ll see you on 12 Oct’18 in Namma Bengaluru! #hackinout #teamhackinout #hackathon

Originally published at https://hackinout.co/blog on October 7, 2018