ETHIndia 2022: A Recap of the World's Largest Ethereum Hackathon

Let's take you behind the scenes of ETHIndia 2022 to relive the moments of energy, excitement, and the spirit of building.

ETHIndia 2022: A Recap of the World's Largest Ethereum Hackathon

When was the last time you saw over 2000 builders from 321 cities coming together to build 450+ Web3 projects in one place?

Well for us it was just last week when we hosted ETHIndia 2022.

The energy and excitement of the community were palpable as they collaborated and built incredible projects, showcasing the culture of building that has taken root in the Web3 community.

So, let's take a look into what goes on in the world's largest Ethereum hackathon, shall we?

Setting the Stage for ETHIndia 2022

The preparation for ETHIndia 2022, the largest Ethereum hackathon in history, was a massive undertaking that involved months of hard work and collaboration. Our efforts along with the support of the community paid off, resulting in over 21,000 applications from builders all over the world. The hackathon brought together the Web3 ecosystem in one place, allowing participants to learn from each other, collaborate on projects, and push the boundaries of what is possible with Ethereum.

Running parallel to ETHIndia was India Blockchain Week, a week-long series of events that included hackathons, workshops, conferences, and community events, all aimed at fostering young South Asian talent in the blockchain space.

And just like that, we were ready to kickstart the hackathon!

The Journey Begins: Day 1 of ETHIndia 2022

Day 1 of ETHIndia 2022 was a whirlwind of activity as check-ins commenced at 1:00 PM. Lines were long as builders poured into the venue, eager to get started on their projects.

The opening ceremony, led by Nishant Verma (Co-founder, Devfolio) and Kartik Talwar (Co-founder, ETHGlobal) was a grand affair. They shared the humble beginnings of ETHIndia and the journey that led to ETHIndia 2022. Following that, the sponsors also took the stage to announce the exciting prizes that would be up for grabs during the hackathon.

Next up was a keynote talk by Sandeep Nailwal (Co-founder, Polygon), who spoke about his journey in the Ethereum ecosystem and encouraged builders to tackle niche problems and explore the opportunities offered by Web3.

Kartik Talwar (Co-founder, ETHGlobal) in conversation with Sandeep Nailwal (Co-founder, Polygon)

Meanwhile, workshops on various topics ranging from building your own Dapps, DeFi protocols, and many more were being conducted in parallel, providing builders with the opportunity to learn new skills and deepen their knowledge in their chosen fields.

As the clock struck 9:00 PM, the building commenced and the hackers settled in for a grueling 36 hours of non-stop coding. Throughout the day, meals and snacks were provided to ensure that the builders were well-fuelled for the challenge ahead.

Builders all set to code

In conclusion, day 1 of ETHIndia was packed with action, setting the stage for an exciting and productive hackathon.

Fun-filled day 2 of ETHIndia ft. Vitalik

As we stepped into Day 2 of ETHIndia ‘22, our builders showed no signs of stopping, working tirelessly on their projects.

To add some fun to the event, we organized a number of activities, including kite flying, Mehendi, stalls with Devfolio merch, meditation, and a recreation zone with TT, foosball, coffee mocktails, and cricket. These activities provided a much-needed break from the intense focus of the hackathon.

In addition to the activities, we also held a feedback session for projects by mentors, where the builders received valuable insights and suggestions for improving their projects.

Builders busy reviewing their code

Next, Juan Benet, founder of Protocol Labs and the creator of IPFS, gave an engaging and informative talk on how to build Web3 startups in 2023. In his talk, Juan emphasized the importance of solving real-world problems and outlined the key factors that drive the success of Web3 startups.

Juan Benet giving a talk on How to build Web3 Startups in 2023

To top it all off, we were lucky to have Vitalik Buterin grace the event via Zoom and participate in an AMA with the builders. In this session, he discussed the current state of Ethereum and the progress made on key initiatives such as Ethereum 2.0, Layer 2 solutions, and many more. Vitalik also shared his thoughts on the future of Ethereum and the role it will play in the broader Web3 ecosystem. Overall, this session provided the builders with a unique opportunity to learn from one of the foremost experts in the field.

Vitalik Buterin talking on the ETHIndia '22 main stage screens.

It was a day of fun, learning, and building, and set the stage for an exciting finale on Day 3.

The Conclusion: Day 3 of ETHIndia 2022

Day 3 of ETHIndia concluded with a bang, with intense competition and impressive demos by the participants.

ETHIndia '22 Finalists on stage after their demos 

The morning began with judging, where sponsors and judges evaluated the projects and selected the top 12 finalists and track winners.

After a lunch break, the closing ceremony commenced, featuring demos by the finalists, a presentation by Devfolio, and the announcement of the winners.

The 450+ projects submitted to ETHIndia covered a wide range of problems that need solving in the Web3 ecosystem. These projects spanned a variety of verticals, including identity solutions, easy decentralized payment alternatives, cross-chain solutions, user-friendly wallet management and recovery, effective Web3 education, and the metaverse.

Check out the projects on the Devfolio page

P.S. In the upcoming weeks, we will be going over some of the best projects along with industry experts. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media for live-stream dates!

One of the most striking aspects of ETHIndia was the rapid growth of the Web3 builder ecosystem in India. 44% of the builders at the hackathon were new to Web3, showcasing the growing interest in this technology among college students and freshers. This is a clear indication that Web3 innovation is no longer the domain of veterans, but is increasingly being embraced by a new generation of builders and believers.

And then it was time to party! The after-party, powered by Polygon, was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the hackathon and look forward to the exciting future of Web3.

A Celebration of Building and Community

As ETHIndia 2022 comes to a close, we can't help but look back at the incredible growth we've seen over the years. From 200 builders in the first year to 400 in the second, and now 2000 in the third, there's no doubt that the Web3 ecosystem in India is rapidly expanding.

This year's event was truly special and it's clear that ETHIndia 2022 will go down in the books as a pivotal moment in the history of the Web3 ecosystem. We can't wait to see what these talented builders will create next, and we look forward to continuing to support and nurture the Web3 community in India and across the world through our initiatives.

So, what's brewing next?

ETHIndia 2022 is part of the ETHIndia broader movement to onboard the next gen of builders onto Ethereum.

If you are a builder interested in the Ethereum ecosystem, the ETHforAll hackathon, the latest edition of the ETHIndia Online Series, and the ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0 are great opportunities for you to showcase your skills and work alongside some of the best minds in the field. Additionally, the ETHIndia grants can provide you with the resources you need to build, learn, and grow your ideas. Don't miss this chance to take your Ethereum journey to the next level and make a real impact. Apply now and join the community of builders working to push the boundaries of what is possible with Ethereum.

Thank you again to all the builders, partners, judges, and speakers who helped make ETHIndia a huge success. Your hard work and dedication were instrumental in creating a truly memorable event. And we hope to see you all again in ETHIndia 2023.

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