Yash Muchhala

I am a final year Information Technology engineering student experienced in developing solutions for the web in the cloud with a research interest in distributed computing. I am currently researching on parallelization within smart contracts and actively looking for opportunities in the blockchain industry to enhance my knowledge in the field.



A Quadratic Funding and CLR matching based grants platformReact, Tezos, SmartPy, Taquito, Thanos wallet


Machine Learning Enabled Movie Recommendation APITensorFlow, AngularJS, Python, AWS


A.I. based Chess Engine using Mini-max along w/ Alpha-Beta Pruning.Java, Java Swing


A Mobile SSH Client for User Management on Unix-based ServersFlutter


A Website for the N.G.O.PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3


A novel full-stack application for Smart India Hackathon to detect, report, update and track the lifecycle of a pothole and it's repair and maintenance.JavaScript, TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Dart, AngularJS, Python, Flutter, AWS


Enabling Parallelism in Smart Contract-based BlockchainJavaScript, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Healthcare Management using BlockchainSolidity, Python, web3.js


Blockchain Architecture


  • ExploreMaps - Software Engineer Intern
    October 2019 - Present

    Developed full-stack solutions for new features including real-time collaborative editing of itineraries using web sockets, infinite list API View, scheduled cron jobs to send automated emails using AWS Cloudwatch.
    Responsible for deploying the entire back end on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Elasticache, RDS along with VPC, Subnet configuration for a secure and scalable production-grade deployment.
    Technologies: Django/Django-REST-Framework, Django-Channels, Redis, Next.js/React.js, AWS.

  • eBZaar - Machine Learning Engineer Intern
    November 2018 - March 2019

    Researched and implemented collaborative filtering models used for e-commerce product recommendations as part of an e-commerce chatbot application.
    Created a package that gives smart reply suggestions on received messages using a recurrent neural network deployed as a RESTful Web-Service.
    Technologies used: Python, TensorFlow/Keras, Tornado Web-Framework, NLTK.

  • Sardar Patel Institute of Technology - Teaching Assistant
    January 2020 - February 2020

    Taught MySQL and Laravel along with core web concepts of HTTP protocols, REST Architectures and advanced data management using ORM frameworks.

    Mentoring second-year students for web-based full-stack projects as part of their major semester project.