Xavier DMello

Ever since doing my first hackathon last year, hackathons have revolutionized my life. I've gone on to win first place at ETHGlobal Waterloo, Entrepreneurship First (a VC accelerator), and ConUHacks. Additionally, I've attended many esteemed hackathons like ETHGlobal NYC and Hack The North.

From creating Token Rescue Buddy, a tool to recover tokens lost on other blockchains, to crunching data from the City of Montréal in VR, and even creating revolutionary social media apps, my love for learning new tech has no boundary. A year of hacking has transformed me into a full-stack developer with intricate skills across the board, with blockchain, AR/VR, deep learning, and web development headlining just the tip of my GitHub README.

Additionally, I am the CTO of the Waterloo Blockchain club, at the university where Ethereum was founded by Vitalik Buterin. Inside the club, some of my responsibilities are building the website and connecting with Web3 companies to host banger in-person workshops.

The lust for adventure in a new city. The nirvana of building out an idea from your dreams. The adrenaline rush presenting your creation to the world. This is what drives me to do my best in hackathons, and why I'm over the top excited to come and hack at ETHDenver this year.



BeReal but with pushups. Get Active, Stay Accountable, and Get Rewarded with Friends! Let's make fitness fun again with BeFit!Solidity, JavaScript, OpenCV, Python, Rust, Node, Mediapipe