Shubham Gupta

I have developed a passion for web development and information security in my freshmen year and from then, most of my time goes into reading and writing software. I am also an open-source contributor and had made decent contributions in open source projects like zulip-server. Being a member of SDSLabs, a technical group of computer science enthusiasts on our campus I have worked on many projects. I have mentored junior undergrads for the same and developed many new applications while maintaining several old ones. Apart from this, I also have a keen interest in new and emerging technologies.


clARsh royale

Everything's better in ARARCore, Unity, Blender, UDP Socket


Pwn them like you own themSolidity, React, Node.js, Flask, Docker, Golang, Matic, Microservice Architecture, Ethereum, Portis


Minting NFTs for music is now easier than creating oneNFT, Solana, metaplex

SSS: Secure Semantic Snap

A MetaMask Snap that semantically understands the target contract bytecode of the transaction signed to save the user from malicious smart contracts.React, MetaMask, Selenium, Python, gpt-3, MetaMask Snaps, Panoramix




  • Powerplay (Coffer Internet Services Pvt Ltd) - SDE Intern
    June 2020 - August 2020

    • Implemented websites and landing pages from concept through deployment.
    • Standardized UI libraries by enclosing them in highly customizable wrapper for code reusability.
    • Assessed UX and UI designs for technical feasibility.
    • Developed standard and ad hoc reports in graph and table format as required.
    • Collaborated with product team members to implement new feature developments.
    • Tech stack - MERN