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Where to Buy the Coolest Turning Red Shirts for Panda People

Disney and Pixar's new animated film "Turning Red" has captured the hearts of audiences with its coming-of-age story about a Chinese-Canadian teenager who transforms into a giant red panda. As Meilin "Mei" Lee and her close-knit group of friends show us, sometimes we all need to let our inner pandas out!
Now superfans can take their Turning Red fandom even further by sporting eye-catching shirts referencing this lovable movie. With vibrant colors and bold graphics of Mei mid-transformation alongside popular catchphrases, Turning Red Shirts showcase your appreciation for the film's themes of embracing change and celebrating your true self...fuzz, fangs and all!
I've searched high and low for the best selection of Turning Red Shirts perfect for panda people of all ages. In this blog post, I'll share where you can buy the coolest tees to show your love for Disney and Pixar’s touching coming-of-age story. Let’s get started!
**Overview of Turning Red Shirts Collections
Before jumping into the specific stores carrying Turning Red Shirts, let’s do a quick overview of the types of designs and apparel currently available.
Most tee collections feature a bright red, white and black color scheme that pops against backgrounds depicting iconic scenes and characters from the movie. You’ll see manga-style images of Mei mid-transformation along with her fab four friends Miriam, Priya and Abby sporting cute panda buns and horns headbands.
Featured graphics range from Mei’s glowing red panda aura to multicolored street art with the acronym “B.F.F.” enclosed in a bold heart. Of course what’s a coming-of-age story without a little teen embarrassment? Some shirts humorously exclaim “Freaky Panda Girl!” and “JUST PANDA’ing to the Moment!” in bouncy retro lettering.
While most are conventional tees, you can also find Turning Red hoodies, tank tops and baseball caps to suit your personal style. Dress the whole family with matching youth and kids sizes emblazoned with the phrase “Red Panda Power!”
Where to Buy Turning Red Shirts Online
As Disney’s official online store, ShopDisney offers the largest and most diverse collection of Turning Red apparel and accessories.
Featured Turning Red Shirts spotlight Mei and friends rendered in vibrant manga-style graphics with traditional Chinese accents. One tee aptly exclaims “You Make Me Panda Out!” above a image of Mei, Miriam, Priya and Abby sporting trendy early 2000s fashion as they dance together.
Another popular design shows Mei's glowing red panda silhouette with the words “Just Panda’ing to the Moment” in graffiti-style writing. This captures her hesitation and excitement about letting her inner panda finally run free.
ShopDisney’s Turning Red lineup comes in conventional and novelty cuts for the whole family ranging from toddler to adult sizes. You’ll also discover coordinating plush pandas, collectible pins, backpacks and boxed figure sets in signature
Turning Red aesthetics.
With new styles being added regularly, ShopDisney is the #1 stop for the biggest and latest selection of Turning Red Shirts and souvenirs.
Fans of Disney's Turning Red can head to Target stores and Target.com for tee finds at affordable price points. Most shirts fall in the $15 to $25 range, making them a budget-friendly way to showcase your fandom.
Target's in-house design team Cat & Jack offers Turning Red Shirts tailored for kids and families. One top pick is a bright red tee proclaiming “I Turned into a Red Panda” with a manga silhouette of Mei's transformation. Another cute shirt perfect for sister bonding days exclaims "Sissy Squad" below Priya, Abby and Miriam striking a silly squad pose.
For a cool tactile accent, check out the crewneck tee featuring an allover embossed panda fur texture with small Turning Red logos. Both the standard black and limited-edition red colors channel Mei's new furry persona.
While Target's selection is geared toward younger fans, their affordable and exclusive Turning Red Shirts help whole families coordinate their styles.
This trendy pop culture shop carries licensed shirts, accessories and novelties themed around movies, TV shows, gaming and anime. Among their vibrant inventory, you’ll discover a wide range of Turning Red Shirts capturing favorite characters and quirky catchphrases.
Several BoxLunch-exclusive tees feature an urban street art aesthetic perfect for echoing the movie’s 2002 Toronto setting. One eye-catching design surrounds Mei and friends in a bold red heart graffiti piece accented by BFF in bubbly lettering.
For a literal take, check out the baseball teeProclaim your fandom for all things Turning Red with vibrant colors and bold graphics in BoxLunch’s distinctive selection of tanks, tees and raglan pullovers.