Akash Kumar

I took part in ETHIndia2.0. We were the winners, bagging a place in the top 6 projects at the hackathon out of 61 projects, and simultaneously winning API prizes from Matic Network, Lendroid Protocol and AZTEC. We worked on zkLoans, impementing confidential lending on ethereum blockchain using AZTEC and Lendroid Protocol. We enabled a lending system where people can lend and borrow from each other without disclosing amounts to anyone. In a later hackathon Inout, we implemented better version of it for Compound Protocol to hide the amount lent or borrowed, still being verifiable in zero knowledge by the miners. I took part in ETHIndia 1.0 as a 3 member-team and won the Top Hack Prize from Lendroid for building a Land Registration system along with the feature of tokenization of the land so that it can be used as a collataral for lending. I have won several other hackathons in blockchain across the last 2 years. I have a good enough knowledge about the working of different Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Dfinity, and Zilliqa. I also have the theoritical background of different technologies like Monero ring signatures, zk-snarks, recursive zk-snarks, Bls signatures, elliptic curve cryptography, etc. I have built DApps on Ethereum and have fair knowledge of smart contracts.


makETH - Land registry system

We want to 1. Create a land registry on blockchain 2. Add financial instruments to use this registered land We create the first using smart contracts, and for the second we use Lendroid.


Confidential loans on Lendroid using the Aztec ProtocolSolidity, AZTEC Protocol, Lendroid


Confidential Privacy-Preserving Lending PlatformSolidity, HTML, Node.js, JS, Matic, AZTEC Protocol

Solana Streams

Simple real-time payment streaming app on SolanaReact, Rust, TypeScript, Nodejs, Rust - for writing solana programs




  • IIT Bombay